Obama, Congress Guilty of Treason

Obama, Congress Guilty of Treason


In a interview with Frank Gaffney, Former Federal Prosecutor Andy McCarthy lays out why the Iran nuclear deal put forth by the Obama administration is clearly a act of TREASON against the United States. Notice, not some crazed “right-wing tea-bagger,” but a Former Federal Prosecutor lays out in the interview below, that there isn’t even an argument to made that the Iranian deal is not tantamount to to TREASON. 

I am still stunned that not only does Obama continue to thrash the Constitution and routinely break the law, but this country is at a point when the President can brazenly commit an act of TREASON, and do so with impunity. Have people forgotten Obama Has Already Signed an Executive Order Permanently Implementing Martial Law? No one is standing up to Obama on things we can stop him on, hence why Obama is Ushering In Armageddon to America With Open Arms. Are we really to think that if Obama decides he wants to stay in office, that anyone or anything can stop him? Before you listen to the interview below, I ask you to consider this:

Why do you think Valerie Jarrett leaked all the information she did about Hillary that has all but completely destroyed Hillary’s campaign? Clinton was almost assured the White House, but for all the leaks that landed her where she is today. Are we to believe that Obama thinks he can control Joe Biden after leaving office, and Biden is a sure thing to ride in and save the day now that Hillary is hemorrhaging? Really? I do NOT think so. 

Obama would risk having his entire term as President wiped out on day 1 of a Republican administration by putting all his chips in on Biden, who hasn’t even said he’ll run, because he thinks he could control Biden? Sorry, I’m not buying that. Ask yourself then, what did Obama have to gain by torpedoing Hillary’s campaign? With no real contender from the Democrats, how hard do you think it would be for Obama to convince the Left to support him staying in office? Just think about that as you listen to Former Federal Prosecutor Andy McCarthy in total shock that Obama is openly committing TREASON with no significant backlash.

by Bethany Blankley, CONSTITUTION.com

Barack Obama and every single member of Congress have already committed the most egregious crime against America clearly outlined in Article III Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution: Treason. By choosing to provide “aid and comfort” to America’s enemy Barack Obama and the majority of Congress are guilty of treason.

Treason against the United States is defined as 1) “consist[ing] only in levying war against them,” or 2) “in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

Some argue this definition is only applicable during wartime. Regardless of how one defines America “at war” sending cash to Iran, a sworn enemy whose leaders have publicly declared its intent to destroy America, and to continue building nuclear weapons, clearly falls within the Constitutional definition of a treasonous act.

Today’s non-debate and non-media coverage of government officials “negotiating” with Iran about a non-enforceable non-deal, ignore the reality that last year, Congress already allocated billions of American taxpayer dollars and debt to be sent to Iran.

In December 2014, Congress approved a $1.1 trillion omnibus bill, which deliberately and astronomically increased America’s debt while also sending nearly 75 percent of foreign aid to Islamic countries intentionally killing Christians and Jews. The bill allocated $73 billion for State Department “overseas military operations and diplomatic efforts.” Included in this was the transfer of $11.9 billion in cash payments to Iran, the very country the State Department has designated for many years as the world’s “most active state sponsor of terrorism.”

Those who voted “yes” on the omnibus bill authorized the federal government to send cash payments to Iran, 56 U.S. Senators (including four abstainers) and 219 Congressman (including 10 abstainers) are already guilty of treason. That’s more than 50 percent of Congress.

Transferring any form of aid/comfort to Iran, a sworn enemy of the United States, is a treasonous act.  

“Providing aid and comfort” ranges from offering an enemy through the transfer of financial resources either in cash or assets; military training, weapons, ammunition, transportation, and troops; material aid such as food, housing, transportation, shelter, medical, technological and communications assistance; and any other means that could improve an enemy’s security and protection that enables it to levy war against the United States.

Only 40 percent of the Senate—40 U.S. Senators—and 47 percent of the House—
206 Congressman—voted against it; 56 U.S. Senators (excluding four abstainers) and 219 Congressman (excluding 10 abstainers) voted for it. That’s more than half of Congress and Barack Obama who funded America’s enemy with billions of dollars in cash– instead of spending that money to aid veterans and the roughly one third of Americans out of work and with no access to healthcare. 

(The bill also authorized funding Obama’s executive order on amnesty for illegal immigrants, which Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and 21 other senators valiantly opposed– but lost. Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) (according to a congressional GOP aide) aggressively whipped enough Republican votes for executive amnesty, and against Cruz’s amendment.)

Obama’s planned efforts to transfer cash payments to Iran—financially aiding America’s sworn enemy—also coincides with his aggressive measures to eliminate America’s border security and open diplomatic ties with Cuba.

While some members of Congress did attempt (via failed legislation) to “restrict” Iran’s “spending” of American taxpayer dollars; others sought to “require the White House to certify” that Iran would not use the funds to support terrorism. Some actually thought a letter would change the State Department’s course of action or the relentless and seemingly unending issuance of executive memorandum.

Because the majority of Congress has committed treason, they will not hold accountable Barack Obama for his treasonous acts. If he goes down, so do they.

Massive-scale impeachment proceedings would create extensive turmoil throughout America and the world. But such upheaval is necessary when America’s government no longer represents or protects its own citizens and actively enables its enemies determined to destroy them.

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