NEW CRISIS: America’s Children’s Books Contain TOO MANY WHITE PEOPLE

via Daily Caller:

The latest thing some American college professor has deemed racist — in addition to coconut braspeanut butter and jelly sandwiches and zero tolerance rules — is children’s picture books.

The professor is Melanie Koss of Northern Illinois University, just beyond the last suburban outpost of Chicago.

According to Koss, an associate professor in the NIU education department, 75 percent of the main characters in children’s picture books published in 2012 were white. Also, 45 percent of those children’s picture books showcased white culture — whatever that is — as the primary cultural milieu. […]

Koss, who also appears to be exceptionally white, said she believes that the authors of America’s children’s books must work to increase “consciousness and comprehension of the nation’s pluralistic fabric,” according to an NIU press release which was proudly featured on the front page of the taxpayer-funded school’s website as of Tuesday morning.

“People want to read about themselves,” Koss proclaimed.

“But if you never see yourself in a book, what does that tell you about how you are valued? You’re not,” the professor added. “We still have a long way to go. Seeing diverse populations in children’s literature needs to become the norm, not the exception.”

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