Muslims Leave Flowers At Copenhagen Terrorist’s Home: “He’s A Hero”

The Telegraph

On the street corner where Copenhagen’s Islamist gunman died in a shoot-out with police, his friends laid floral tributes in his memory on Monday.

Emulating the actions of the hundreds of people who left flowers outside a café and a synagogue two men were shot dead at the weekend, those who regard Omar el-Hussein as a “good guy”, not a terrorist, created a third shrine.

The heap of flowers outside the drab four-storey block of flats where he lived in the mainly immigrant district of Mjølnerparken was smaller than the other two, but no less poignant in the eyes of those who grew up with el-Hussein.

“We’ve put flowers here because we must remember him,” said a young Arab man, who gave his name as Mohamed. “He was a good guy. We don’t believe he did anything wrong. It wasn’t like the police say.” A placard placed with the flowers read: “May Allah be merciful, rest in peace” in both Arabic and Danish. 

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