MSNBC Interview Implodes! ‘FHRITP’ Bomb is Dropped LIVE on Air During Intense Story on La Guardia



During a La Guardia airplane segment fraught with high drama, a prankster stole the show from oblivious host Andrea Mitchell when he dropped a “FHRITP” vulgarity in the midst of an interview. He did this while posing as, of all people, N.Y. Giants TE Larry Donnell (who actually was on board).

The hijinx all began when Mitchell cut to a phone call with the spoof interviewee, who promptly hijacked the show with a tall tale of how he was aboard the plane at La Guardia when it flew off the runway.

One of the most epic parts of the bit was when Mitchell had to be informed about the caller’s shenanigans, right after he had already taken a morning constitutional all over the MSNBC segment.

“Where were you sitting on the plane, and when did you first know you were all in trouble?” Mitchell asked breathlessly.

“I was sitting in the — f*** her right in the p****,” the caller dropped on the world, before setting about on his merry way, wreckage in tow.

“I think we were being had,” NBC News reporter Tom Costello said, pointing out the obvious a bit too late. But he just couldn’t rescue Mitchell from further embarrassment. “I don’t think that was a legitimate witness, based on what he said on the air.”

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