More Lois Lerner Emails Revealed: “No One Will Believe Your Hard Drive And Mine Crashed Within A Week”


We reported on the finding of the emails yesterday. The above email was one of the new ones found. 

The audacity of the IRS cover-up just takes your breath away in this video where Jason Chaffetz asks Inspector Timothy Camus about his search for the tapes.

According to the Blaze:

Chaffetz was stunned when he asked Camus if anyone from the IRS had ever asked for the backup tapes and he replied, “No.”

“We send a subpoena, we send letters, we have hearings, we hear all kinds of excuses from the IRS,” Chaffetz said. “Every excuse you can have under the sun — you find them in two weeks, and then when you go talk to the IT people who are there in charge of them, they told you that they were never even asked for them. Is that correct?”

“That is correct,” Camus replied.

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