Michelle Obama: I Won't Slow Down in 'Final Stretch as First Lady'



Michelle Obama pledges not to slow down, despite the fact her second and final term as first lady is winding down. She made the comments in an interview with an Italian publication touting her Let's Move health initiative.

The publication asked, "You just celebrated the fifth anniversary of your initiative “Let’s Move!” What are the best results you have achieved and the next goals?"

"Through Let’s Move! we have started a new conversation about how we eat and live in the U.S., and the results we’ve seen are beyond anything we could ever have imagined. 1.6 million kids are now attending healthier daycare centers where fruits and vegetables have replaced cookies and juice, and more than 30 million kids are eating healthier school breakfasts and lunches. Two million kids now have a Let’s Move! salad bar in their school, and nearly nine million kids attendLet’s Move! Active Schools where theyget 60 minutes of physical activity a day," said Obama.

"Thousands of chain restaurants have created healthier kids’ menus, and food and beverage companies cut 6.4 trillion calories from their products. 70 million people now live in a Let’s Move! City, Town or County where kidscan walk to school on new sidewalks, participate in a summer meal program, or join a local athletic league. Religious leaders are teaching their congregations about healthy eating through Let’s Move! Faith and Communities; families are getting active in our national parks through our Let’s Move! Outside initiative;andkids are enjoyinghealthy eating exhibits at one of the nearly 700 Let’s Move! Museums and Gardens.

"Taken together, these changes are starting to have an impact. Childhood obesity rates have finally stopped rising, and obesity rates are actually falling among our youngest children.But while the progress we’ve made is impressive, it’s also incredibly fragile, and we still have a long way to go before we finally solve this problem. And while I am in my final stretch as First Lady, I have no intention of slowing down on this issue. I plan to continue this work long after I leave the White House."

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