Media Matters Illegally Running Campaign To Get Businesses To Sever Ties With Donald Trump


Media Matters is a 501(c)(3), and the lawful restrictions on its political activities are listed above. I’m sure a check of Carusone’s IP addresses will confirm that he is using Media Matters’computers while on his paid on-the-clock employee time, and a search of other records will prove he is also using Media Matters’ phones and other resources to run the #DumpTrump campaign, which is illegal, as you can read here at the IRS website. However, if Trump hasn’t yet formally filed, the restriction on “any statements against candidates” may not apply. But if they do, Trump should sue.

Excerpted from The Los Angeles Times: The mattress firm Serta announced Thursday it would separate from Trump, tweeting in response to a viral #DumpTrump hashtag that it would not renew its contract with him at the end of the year. The Illinois-based manufacturer currently makes Trump Home iSeries mattresses, with some priced as much as $4,000.

Angelo Carusone, the executive vice president of the liberal group Media Matters who has pushed the #DumpTrump campaign, said Thursday that Trump, who initially made his fortune in real estate, now makes significant amounts of money through licensing agreements in which he allows companies to use his name on products.

In addition to Serta, Carusone said that companies such as PVH clothing, the furniture company Dorya and ELK lighting have licensing agreements with Trump.

Requests for comment from the companies were not immediately returned on Thursday. A request for comment from Trump’s campaign also was not immediately returned.

The controversy broke out after Trump’s announcement that he was joining the scrum of candidates pursuing the Republican presidential nomination. In his speech, he referred to some Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and drug runners. Read the whole thing

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