Massive Mount Everest Avalanche Caught on Camera... UPDATE: Harrowing Moment The Avalanche From Earthquake Hit Base Camp On Everest (WARNING: Very Strong Language)

Nepal Earthquake Avalanche

Published on Apr 25, 2015

Nepal Earthquake Triggers Everest Avalanche, 18 Killed at Base Camp

At least 13 people were killed on Everest on Saturday as a massive avalanche – triggered by an earthquake near the Nepalese capital Kathmandu – swept through base camp.

The avalanche trapped other climbers higher on the mountain as those in base camp ran for their lives to escape falling ice and rock.

Videos from Everest south-side base camp showed flattened tents and blocks of rock scattered around a site dusted deep in snow. The avalanche appeared to have swept through the mid section of the strung-out base camp.

Romanian climber Alex Gavan said on Twitter that there had been a “huge avalanche” and “many, many” people were up on the mountain.
“Running for life from my tent,” he added. “Everest base camp huge earthquake then huge avalanche.

“Huge disaster. Helped searched and rescued victims through huge debris area. Many dead. Much more badly injured. More to die if not [help] asap.”

Adrian Ballinger, another climber on the mountain, reported similar scenes on his Twitter feed. “Big earthquake just now in Everest BC. Lots of rock and ice falling. We all ok. Hoping more exposed South Side also ok.”

He later tweeted that their Sherpa team’s home towns had been hit hard in the quake and they were grieving for those killed.

New video shows the moment an avalanche strikes on Mount Everest after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal.

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