Malia Obama Is Lena Dunham’s New Intern, Will Be Forced To “See The Inside Of Lena’s Vagina”


As the link above indicates, Dunham has said it’s not possible to work on her show without seeing the inside of her vagina. Poor Malia. Someone call child protective services.

Excerpted from BreitbartThe teenage daughter of a sitting U.S. President is hanging out with Lena Dunham.

President Obama’s eldest daughter Malia, 16, was spotted in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday spending time on the set of Dunham’s HBO comedy series Girls.

Page Six reports Malia, who turns 17 on Saturday, spent about three hours on location in Williamsburg as the show filmed at the Aurora Ristorante on Grand Street, and the teen spent time with Dunham.

While it hasn’t been divulged if Malia will appear in an episode of the raunchy feminist-themed show, TMZ reports she is working for Dunham as a summer intern.

Girls went into a ratings free fall during Season Four, and has been criticized for its lack of racial diversity, emotionally detached characters, and overt, aggressive, and degrading sex scenes. Keep reading

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