MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: An unexplained Hillary email indicates another American with slain ambassador...


by Aaron Klein, WND EXCLUSIVE

An unexplained Hillary Clinton email released last Friday by the State Department speaks of two bodies being recovered in the immediate aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2012, Benghazi attack.

It is not clear to which two bodies the email was referring.

The reference raises questions about a previous document, which, as WND was first to report, claimed that another American, aside from Ambassador Christopher Stevens, was being treated at the Libyan hospital where Stevens died.

The batch of Clinton emails released by the State Department last week contains one dated Sept. 12, 2012, at 6:23 a.m., presumably Eastern Time, one day after the attack.

The email was from senior Clinton aide Cheryl Mills. It was titled “We recovered both bodies overnite and are looking at getting at statement out at 7am.”

The text of the email was entirely redacted.

The two bodies could have been the two CIA contractors who were killed during a battle at the CIA annex, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty.

Stevens was presumably alone at the hospital, while Information Officer Sean Smith was killed in the initial assault.

But WND previously reported a four-page incident report allegedly written by a private contractor that provided security to the U.S. compound in Benghazi claimed there was another American with Stevens at the Benghazi Medical Center hospital.

The authorship of the report is in question.

The second American was described in the report by the private Blue Mountain Group as being “black” and shot in the hand. The report says the man was presumed to be “one of the ambassador’s close protection team as both were black.”

No mention in State report of anyone with Stevens

The State Department’s Accountability Review Board report, or ARB, detailed what it claimed was the official version of events during and after the attack. The ARB report does not mention any other American at the hospital with Stevens.

The ARB report states only that Stevens’ body was transported from the hospital to the Benghazi airport. The ARB does not describe how Stevens’ body was released from a hospital said to be under Ansar Al-Sharia’s control.

The Blue Mountain report raises questions about whether any other American was present at the hospital.

The State Department confirmed the Blue Mountain report leaked to the news media in 2013 matches the version sent to the U.S. government by the Blue Mountain Group.

The Washington Post reported the incident report was written by the man interviewed by “60 Minutes” in November 2014 and identified by the pseudonym Morgan Jones.

Jones is the author of a book on Benghazi that was recalled following questions about the veracity of its claims, including contradictions about the author’s whereabouts during the attack.

The Post revealed what it said was Jones’ real name, Dylan Davies.

The incident report, written in the first person allegedly from the perspective of Davies, contradicts key elements of Davies’ account in his book and in his “60 Minutes” interview.

Davies, however, told the Daily Beast he did not write the report, nor had he ever seen it. The report was not signed by anyone.

The report states Davies returned to his villa immediately after the attack while Davies writes in his book he attempted to reach the Benghazi compound but couldn’t do so because of Ansar al-Sharia roadblocks.

The incident report says Davies learned of Stevens’ death from a Blue Mountain guard who had apparently secretly gone to the hospital and had taken a photo of the ambassador’s body. Davies writes in his book, however, he was the guard who infiltrated the hospital and verified Stevens was dead.

Davies said the Blue Mountain incident report matches a version he told to a superior at his firm. He told the Daily Beast he failed to report his own personal involvement in going to the hospital and the fated compound since a top Blue Mountain executive had asked him to stand down.

While most of the news coverage surrounding the Blue Mountain report focused largely on how the version conflicts with the story told by Davies in his book, far more telling may be the details of the report itself.

The Blue Mountain incident report relates that Davies learned of Stevens’ death from another contractor who had gone to the hospital. The report, for the first time, claims a second American was at the hospital.

“I asked (blank) if any other Americans were at the hospital and he said yes, a black man who had been shot in the hand. I presumed that this was one of the Ambassador’s close protection team as both men were black.”

The report does not relate the fate of the other American it said was at the hospital.

The ARB report – reviewed in full by WND – does not mention any other American as being at the hospital.

The ARB details how Stevens’ guard, identified in the State-sanctioned report as “ARSO 1,” brought the ambassador and officer Sean Smith into a bathroom while smoke engulfed the building during the attack.

“ARSO 1” escaped through a window, states the ARB, believing Stevens and Smith were following him, and later re-entered the building to search for Stevens and Smith. He made it to the roof of the compound, where he radioed for assistance.

The ARB relates “ARSO 1” was rescued by a small team that made it back to the nearby CIA safe house.

The ARB states Stevens was taken to the hospital by what it claimed were “Good Samaritans” who found his body in the compound. The ARB doesn’t explain how the supposed Good Samaritans made it past the Ansar al-Sharia checkpoints.

The ARB briefly relates that Stevens’ body was later “brought to the airport in what appeared to be a local ambulance at 0825 local.”

With additional research by Joshua Klein.

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