Limbaugh Hits a Home Run: "Iran Banking on Obama’s Narcissism"

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On his radio show Thursday, Rush Limbaugh responded to Iran’s “humiliation” of President Obama by essentially tearing up the framework for a nuclear deal supposedly agreed on last week. Iran was banking on Obama’s narcissism to see the deal through regardless of their repeated slaps in the face to the administration.

LIMBAUGH: Boy, is that right on the money.  The Iranians know this guy better than he knows himself.  They know he cannot ever admit error.  He's a narcissist.  It's impossible.  In his own mind he can't ever be wrong.  In his own mind he cannot ever have screwed up.  In his own mind he cannot ever have made a mistake.  And so no matter what happens, no matter what happens to this deal, if it continues to get torn apart, Obama will do anything, any concession to keep it alive because he can never arrive at the point where he would have to admit that it's a bad thing to have done.

LIMBAUGH: All they had to do was give Obama his little day in the sun for three months until June, but they couldn't even hold back.  They had to go out and brag that they had snookered Obama.  They had to go out and brag and say that Obama's lying about it.  "They’re unwilling to throw Obama even the smallest of public-relations bones," because they don't have to.  He is now stuck.  He cannot ever walk this back because he cannot ever admit that he may have had made a mistake or his negotiators did or what have you. So from this day forward, whatever the truth of this thing is, is gonna be made up and obfuscated by the Regime because he must be covered up for.

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