Liberals Steal a Quote from an Old White Lady yo Make Maya Angelou Commemorative Stamp

by Dr. Kevin "Coach" Collins, WESTERN JOURNALISM

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has colluded with the family of the late poet Maya Angelou to steal a quote from a white, eighty nine-year-old children’s book writer named Joan Walsh Anglund to make the new Angelou stamp look good. The whole episode is a perfect example of how liberals are different from other people.

According to reports, there was an excited gathering of “luminaries” at the stamp’s unveiling which included Michelle Obama, who is the political world’s Kim Kardashian – famous for being famous without any actual accomplishments of her own.

That the quote placed on the “forever” Angelou stamp, “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song,” is mumbo jumbo and not worthy of any notice is beside the point – it was stolen.

The befuddled Anglund answered, “Yes, that’s my quote,” when asked about the theft. The bozos at the USPS did an “Ahumina humina” act when they were asked about the theft and said the Angelou family approved the quote. So either the family is ignorant of Angelou’s work, or they are a bunch of hucksters — I’ll go with hucksters.

In this Barack Obama world, colored by race in every single detail, it is hard to ignore the fact that if this situation were reversed, there would be a Sharpton-led riot. Had a stamp commemorated white author Joan Walsh Anglund using a quote stolen from African American Angelou, there would be demonstrations in the streets and calls for the Post Master General to be fired.

Of course, there will be no such demonstrations in our streets. The liberals will laugh at any protests about the theft and dismiss them as race-motivated.

The impression that the quote was from Angelou first came from the Fraud-in-Chief, Barack Obama, who quoted Angelou as loving the quote. This fraud will be buried like every other fraud the liberals force us to accept. One comforting thought: we might be forced to buy the fraudulent Obamacare, but we have not yet been forced to buy the fraudulent Angelou stamp.

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