Jaw-dropping chances of your daughter being raped

Jaw-dropping chances of your daughter being raped

by Joseph Farah, WND

The latest study shows that 15 percent female freshmen are raped their first year at college or university.

It’s a shocking statistic.

But it gets worse.

These freshman women are raped, according to the study, while they are incapacitated by drug or alcohol use.

But still it gets worse.

Do you realize that many colleges and universities don’t require – and even discourage – that local police departments investigate rapes, preferring that reports are merely filed with campus police?

Still it gets worse.

Do you realize the federal government spends tens of millions of your hard-earned tax dollars on programs telling students how to reduce sexual assaults but never mentions even once that excessive drinking is the leading factor in campus rapes?

How is this possible?

The answer is “political correctness.”

And that’s not just me saying it.

John Banzahf is a professor of public interest law at George Washington University Law School. He’s hardly a conservative. In fact, he’s been called a “radical feminist” by many of his detractors. Here’s how he explains the disconnect between intoxication and rape on campus at the highest levels of the federal government as well as in the leadership of America’s colleges and universities: “[T]he guide for obtaining government funds to reduce sexual violence on campus says that campus projects aimed at reducing rapes which focus primarily on alcohol abuse are considered ‘out of scope.’”

He adds that the Office of Violence Against Women “even goes so far as to censor those who want to speak out about the connection.”

The reason? According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, the reason is that warning women about drinking to excess increases the danger that young women might blame themselves for the attack.

“While the statistic show that alcohol and sex can be a dangerous combination – at least half the students involved in alleged sexual assaults were drinking – campus officials are reluctant to put the two in the same sentence,” the journal reports. “The discussion of alcohol and sexual violence is the ‘third rail of discourse.’”

But those statistics are not even correct. It’s not 50 percent of campus rapes that involve intoxication. The figure is 92 percent, according to the most recent studies.

“It’s obvious that being drunk affects a woman’s judgment about whether to have sex, as well as about getting into situations in which being assaulted is far more probable,” says Banzhaf. “Furthermore, not being able to testify about what happened can make it difficult, if not impossible, to prosecute such cases.”

Banzhaf’s reaction is the same as mine: “This is a striking example of how women’s lives are being ruined, and millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money is being wasted, all because of political correctness run amok.”

And what about the lack of reporting to local law enforcement authorities with the capability of investigating allegations of rape?

What if the statistics are all wrong? They are, after all, based only on claims. Banzhaf says adjudication of rape claims on college campuses “lack the most basic elements of fairness and due process.” That’s also the opinion of 28 male and female Harvard law professors.

“But some innocent males have shown that wrongful complaints – some outright lies, some mistakenly identifying the wrong man, some accidentally misstating what happened – have forced them to leave the country, lose jobs, be forced to discontinue their studies, be virtually bankrupted by attorney fees, forever branded as rapists on the Internet, and being put under unimaginable stress,” writes Banzhaf.

How many parents of college freshmen women understand what their daughters are facing?

How many of them send their daughters off to college or university knowing they have a one out of six chance of being raped?

If the statistics are right, then college campuses, run by the most “progressive” minds in the country, are the least safe place for young women in America. To me, any parent who believes the statistics would be out of his or her mind sending his or her daughter off to college.

This is also an abject illustration of how the madness of political correctness in Washington and on campuses has become so dangerous – not only to the minds of students who are inculcated into this kind of insanity, but also to their bodies.

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