ISIS Blows Up Mosul Bridges, Roads, Runways To Thwart U.S., Iraqi Forces After Obama Warns Them We’re Coming

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – A source inside Mosul said ISIS militants have detonated explosives on the road to Mosul International Airport in a bid to prevent coalition forces from using the route.

“Out of fear of an expected massive assault on Mosul against ISIS, the group’s militants launched a pre-dawn blast on the route to Mosul International Airport in the neighborhood of Zaghlan, south of the city, with the aim of stopping coalition forces that may use the airport to hit ISIS bases inside Mosul,” Saaed Mamuzini, a Kurdistan Democratic Party official in Mosul, told Rudaw.

Excerpted from Awaniq, goofy translation by Google: According to a local source in Nineveh province, on Thursday, that the organization Daash blew runway Mosul International Airport, as pointed out by the elements of the organization booby-trapped a number of key bridges in the city in preparation for detonation, with a view to the right on the left coast separation at the start of the attack on Mosul.

The source said the “time”, “The elements of the organization Daash did they blow runway Mosul International Airport, the city center after they Ptfajikhh a large number of improvised explosive devices.”

The source, who asked not to be named, said: “elements of the organization they put explosive devices and tanks bomb under a number of bridges, the main center of Mosul, a prelude to detonate it,” noting that “it comes to isolate areas and in particular the separation of the left coast of the city on the left, in the case of the security forces the attack on the city. ”

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