In Oregon, 15-year-olds can get taxpayer-funded sex changes without parental consent

by Mark Hemingway, THE WEEKLY STANDARD

The New York Times has an alarming article today about the movement to push sex change operations at earlier and earlier ages. It contains this detail:

Advocates say that extending treatment to teenagers will alleviate depression and suicide. With that in mind, Oregon’s Medicaid began covering the gamut of treatment, regardless of age, in January. Patients as young as 15 do not need parental consent.

If Oregon's political leadership thinks that 15-year-olds are so capable of making monumental decisions like getting sex reassignment surgery all on their own that they're willing make taxpayers pay for it regardless of what parents or guardians think, why do the myriad of other age related restrictions remain in place? Surely someone mature enough to avoid impulse decisions that could wreck their life and make responsible health related decisions about surgery and hormone therapy is capable of making responsible decisons about consuming beer, right? And shouldn't we lower the driving age and the age of consent while we're at it?

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