How did a terror-tied group end up running interference in California terror probe?

How did a terror-tied group end up running interference in California terror probe?

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ubversion: The Muslim group representing the Farook family, whose patriarch and matriarch now have both been put on terror watch lists, is a terror-tied group the FBI views as so suspicious it's banned from agency outreach.

Yet this same group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, has been appointed by the family to defend it in the wake of Syed Farook's and wife Tashfeen Malik's heinous slaughter of 14 in an ISIS-inspired terrorist attack in San Bernardino.

CAIR, a turnstile for terrorist suspects and convicts of its own, including a former communications officer from its Washington headquarters now serving time in federal prison, is helping the Muslim family lawyer up and doing damage control on their behalf in the media.

Worse, it's running interference between investigators and the witnesses and suspects they seek to interview.

As medics were still removing bodies from the mass shooting, CAIR rushed to assemble a bizarre press conference, letting the media ask questions of Farook's brother-in-law before the FBI had a crack at him.

Covered live on all the national cable-TV news networks, CAIR officials also took the opportunity to spin the act of Islamic terrorism as "workplace violence," adding, "This is not a Muslim problem."

"Those family members would have been key ... for those FBI agents, and other law enforcement agencies to interview after the immediate fact, to try to find out what the motives were and why this attack took place," former FBI agent Chad Jenkins said. "Instead, they're doing public appearances with that organization."

This is especially outrageous considering the FBI's issuance of a directive to all 56 of its field offices to refrain from cooperating with CAIR until it clarifies questions regarding its own ties to the Hamas terrorist group. In a 2007-2008 terrorism trial against a Muslim charity, FBI agents testified CAIR was a "Hamas front," and U.S. prosecutors subsequently designated CAIR an unindicted co-conspirator in the case. It remains on that Justice Department list today, despite CAIR protests.

Now that it's clear the San Bernardino attack was Islamic jihad, the CAIR official who organized the presser, Hussam Ayloush of Los Angeles, says America is "partly responsible" because of its support of "oppressive regimes around the world that push people over on the edge." In other words, the Christmas Party Massacre was justified in light of U.S. alliance with Israel.

Ayloush also trotted out a Muslim cleric to assure the worried folks watching that Islam means "peace" and shares American values. Only, this Orange County mosque imam, Muzammil Siddiqi, whom the media described as "moderate," has preached to American Muslim audiences that "Allah's rules have to be established in all lands," and predicted before 9/11 "the wrath of God will come!" if America didn't divest from Israel.

Siddiqi is chairman of a nationwide mosque trust that also remains on Justice's unindicted terrorist co-conspirators list. This same radical Muslim Brotherhood front — the North American Islamic Trust — owns or runs most of the mosques in America.

These Muslim leaders covering for the family and their local mosques, as well as Islam in general, are actually bad guys themselves — pro-jihad Islamists with virulently anti-American agendas. Yet the gullible liberal media are just gulping down the pabulum they're spoon-feeding them.

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