Horrific: This is EXACTLY what Donald Trump is talking about

by Michelle Jesse, ALLENBWEST.com

Amidst continued outrage from the left about 2016 GOP candidate Donald Trump’s comments about Mexican illegal immigrants comes this horrific tragedy from San Francisco.

As if to prove Donald Trump’s point in the most horribly graphic way.

On Wednesday, a beautiful young 31-year-old woman was walking arm-in-arm with her father at one of San Francisco’s most popular tourist destinations when she was shot dead by a man. The shooter? 45-year-old Francisco Sanchez — a man who, according to San Francisco ABC News affiliate, had previously been deported to Mexico five times, his record including seven felony convictions.

As ABC7 News reports:

The suspect in the Pier 14 shooting in San Francisco has signed a confession. Sources tell ABC7 News 45-year-old Francisco Sanchez admitted to firing the fatal shot that killed Kathryn Steinle.

Investigators say he is on probation from Texas and has committed offences in numerous states. They say Sanchez did not know his victim and they still don’t have a motive for the killing. Police divers have found a gun in the water near the pier. They are carrying out ballistics tests to see if it was used in the shooting.

As reported Vic Lee tweets, it appears there were many failures by our government to prevent this tragedy:


So many questions remain. Why was Sanchez let back into the United States after being deported the first, second, third, fourth and fifth times? Why wasn’t he deported AGAIN in March, rather than being turned over to San Francisco authorities?

And why was the detainer from ICE ignored — and Sanchez released onto the streets of San Francisco to kill an innocent young woman? Is it because San Francisco is a sanctuary city? As reported by NBC Bay Area, this appears to have been the case:

Gatpandan added that San Francisco is a “sanctuary city, so we do not hand over people to ICE.” She also said that the police are “not responsible” for Sanchez once he is booked into county jail, “meaning we do not have control over his release.”


Yes, all Mexican illegal immigrants are not murderers or rapists. They are, however, all illegal by definition. And, as Ann Coulter says, if even two are rapists, that is too many to enter our country.

I’m sure the mourning family and friends of beautiful Kathryn Steinle would suggest that even one murderer is far too many.

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