HILLARY ACCUSED OF LOGO THEFT -- Wikileaks slams prez hopeful: You stole our design!

by Cheryl Chumley, WND

WikiLeaks has taken to Twitter to condemn the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, for allegedly stealing their logo and using it for her campaign.

In a tweet, the company wrote: “Hillary Clinton has stolen our innovative WikiLeaks twitter logo design.”

The company then includes a side-by-side for both images for comparison purposes. The images both contain large red arrows that point to the right.

Commenters weren’t so quick to agree.

One mocked, on the WikiLeaks Twitter site: “Because Wikileaks created the red arrow.”

And another: “I’ll never forget the day WikiLeaks invented red arrows pointing right. Earth shattering moment in art history.”

It’s not clear if WikiLeaks’ accusation was all in jest.

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