Here’s what the media WON’T tell you about the Pope’s visit to Cuba…

Here’s what the media WON’T tell you about the Pope’s visit to Cuba…


by Ashley Edwardson, ALLENBWEST.com

I think it’s wonderful that the whole world seems to be coming together in a giant kumbaya moment, don’t you?

As President Obama prepares to parade his LGBT agenda in front of Pope Francis in the United States, the Castro brothers dispensed their own brand of brotherly love in front of the pontiff in Cuba.

According to the Telegraph, a glorious time was had by all at the Cuban dictator’s residence. 

“The pair held a “friendly and informal conversation” for around 40 minutes, said the Rev Federico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesman.

A photo provided by Alex Castro, Fidel’s son and official photographer, showed the 89-year-old former president and Francis looking into each other’s eyes as they shook hands, the pope in his white vestments and Castro in a white shirt and Adidas sweat top.

They also exchanged gifts. Fidel Castro gave the Pope a book titled “Fidel and Religion”, based on conversations between the Cuban leader and a Brazilian priest, in which he discussed his views on Catholicism and his education in a Jesuit school.

The Pope gave Fidel a book written by a Jesuit who taught the former guerrilla leader at the Catholic school he attended as a child.”

As it turns out, not much has changed in Cuba, even after all the reaching out-glad handing-and bowing recently done by the Obama administration. After we were told by Obama that the reason for all the kissing up was because the old way “wasn’t working,” it’s interesting to note the “new way” isn’t working either – or at least it’s not any different. While the Pope was doing his thing at Mass and the dictator’s palace, the Cuban government was doing its thing just down the street.

“Cuban authorities prevented leading dissidents from meeting Pope Francis in Havana on Sunday, in a sign of the Communist regime’s rigid intolerance of political opposition.

Two well-known dissidents, Marta Beatriz Roque and Miriam Leiva, had been invited by the Vatican to attend a vespers service led by the Pope’s in Havana’s historic baroque cathedral.

But they said they were detained by security agents and barred from attending the event.

“They told me that I didn’t have a credential and that I couldn’t go to the Pope’s event that was taking place there in the plaza of the Cathedral,” Ms Roque said.

She said that she and Ms Leiva had also been invited by the Vatican to meet Pope Francis at the residence of the Holy See’s ambassador to Cuba shortly after the pontiff’s arrival on Saturday, but that they were detained on that occasion as well.

The head of an opposition group called the Ladies in White said that 22 of the 24 members of the group who had hoped to attend a Mass celebrated by the Pope were prevented from doing so by Cuban security officials. ”

“The fact that the Vatican invited the women to Sunday’s cathedral service showed Francis’ determination to try to engage with the dissident movement, which has endured years of persecution by the Castro regime.

Earlier in the day, the Pope celebrated Mass in Havana’s Revolution Square in front of tens of thousands of people.

He was driven through the crowds in a white pope-mobile, pausing to kiss children who were held up to him.

As the ceremony got underway, Cuban security officers detained at least three people who appeared to be trying to distribute leaflets in the capital’s Revolution Square, a large open area dominated by a massive likeness of revolutionary hero Che Guevara.

The three people were tackled and dragged away by the officers.

Political opponents of President Raul Castro’s Communist regime are regularly subjected to harassment and intimidation.”

According to the newest Human Rights Watch report on Cuba, life for dissidents is hell in Cuba and despite what Sandra Fluke and Hillary Clinton claim, the front lines in the war on women may be in Fidel’s front yard.

It’s disturbing and disappointing that the Pope, who had the chance to speak up for imprisoned dissidents and women who are beaten simply for maybe asking the whereabouts of family members, chose to deliver two addresses more pastoral than political and refrained from issuing even coded criticism of the Communist government.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that he plans to address the U.S. Congress and lecture us about climate change and the EVILS of capitalism — while the average government worker in Cuba makes a whopping $20 a month under the communist regime.

Seems like priorities might be a little messed up.

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