Greg Gutfeld schools liberal Shepard Smith on #Baltimoreriots VIDEO


Shepard Smith, like all leftists is trying to make excuse for the riots in Baltimore. It’s all the fault of someone else, not the individual who goes into a store an loots it, or an individual who goes and burns down a building. Like Geraldo Rivera baltimore yesterday, Shepard Smith embarrassed himself on Monday trying to spin the thugs and their actions. This coverage of the riots on Monday in Baltimore was during ‘The Five’ and Greg Gutfeld schooled Smith on the truth.


During live coverage of the Baltimore riots during the 5:00 p.m. ET hour on Monday, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith scolded and mocked hosts of The Five for daring to ask legitimate questions about the violence. Eric Bolling simply observing that the rioters were “predominantly African-American” set Smith off: “Hey, it’s a predominantly African-American community….But if we want to create larger racial tensions on the heels of this and all the recent African-American problems that we’ve seen, then we can do that. But if we’d like to look at this as a history of people having problem with police, not people of a color, but people of a community who have had problems with the police.”

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