Glenn Beck Says This Is Why Americans Should Prepare for ‘All-Out War’

by Erica Ritz, THE BLAZE

Glenn Beck on Monday suggested that Americans “prepare for all-out war, war unlike we have ever seen in our lifetime.”

Beck was discussing the Iraq war on his radio program when he made the warning, saying it should have begun more aggressively, with “shock and awe” from the outset. He has long maintained that in war, one should fight to win and then come home.

“We talk about World War II, where they did shock and awe,” Beck’s co-host Stu Burguiere said. “Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of civilians died. It was not a pretty picture. And obviously war is hell, but is there any way that America — with the backbone we have today, with the 99 percenters and Occupy Wall Street as part of this country, with all that — they are going to accept a war effort like that?”

Beck said he believes the country will cry out for a more aggressive war effort against groups like the Islamic State if America faces another devastating terrorist attack, or in the event of economic collapse.

“[If] they go into a school and just kill a bunch of our children, yeah, we’ll bomb the snot out of them,” Beck said. “If we had an economic collapse, where people were frightened, really, truly frightened, and then on top of it, you had a really bad terrorist attack, I think we would.”

“Remember, we were still in good times [on 9/11]. We are not in fear of losing our country yet,” Beck continued. “Most people are not. When you have a real, true fear of losing everything, losing your homeland, and that happens when people are invading — it is going to be different this next time.”

Beck said the next truly devastating terrorist attack will be perpetrated by “home-grown” terrorists, and “they will be in multiple cities, so you won’t know” what to expect next.

“Did you see what ISIS came out and said? That ISIS, their number one goal now is to hit America and kill the president. I cannot imagine. That would change perspectives entirely,” Beck remarked. “We got the Patriot Act the last time. Can you even imagine what the Department of Homeland Security would do if they, God forbid, hurt the president?”

Beck said he doesn’t know how exactly the attack would manifest itself, but he suggests that “you prepare for all-out war.”

“That’s what I believe is coming, unfortunately,” Beck concluded. “I’m hoping that there’s a way to put this genie back in the bottle, but I don’t see it.”

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