Girl Scouts Raise Over $250K for Transgender Members

by Kit Daniels, INFOWARS

The Girl Scouts of Western Washington raised over $250,000 after stating that any transgender living “culturally as a girl” is welcome to join.

The Seattle-based organization initially launched the campaign to replace a $100,000 donation its leaders rejected because the donor requested it not be used to support transgender scouts.

“The #ForEVERYGirl campaign had raised two-and-a-half-times its goal with $250,000 and counting from 5,000 donors (and nearly a month left to go on the IndieGogo clock),” Fast Company’s Sarah Lawson reported. “In an update to the campaign on Tuesday night, Girl Scouts said it could now help 1,000 girls with the money.”

“In a blog post from May, Girl Scouts of the USA said any girl living ‘culturally as a girl’ was welcome to participate in the scouts program.”

The Girl Scouts have accepted transgendered members for a few years, but this is likely the first time it has actually used the transgender movement for a donation drive.

It’s the latest example of the emerging trend to redefine gender as a so-called “cultural identity.”

For example, the Justice Dept. said transgender public school students must be allowed to use the restroom corresponding to their so-called “gender identity,” according to a court filing released Monday.

“The department says in a statement of interest filed Monday that failure to do so amounts to sex discrimination under Title IX of the U.S. Education Amendments of 1972,” the AP reported. “The document is in response to a federal lawsuit filed against the Gloucester County School Board by a 16-year-old transgender student who wants to be allowed to use the boys’ restroom.”

Similarly, this past week so-called “social justice warriors” took to Twitter to remind men that it was “transphobic” to suggest that only biological women have periods.

“I have a real problem with the menarchy movement: not all women have periods, and not all who have periods are women,” activist Maddie Miller tweeted.

And numerous leftists responded to Bruce Jenner’s transition into Caitlyn Jenner by proclaiming Jenner to be a brave “Goddess” worthy of worship and praise.

“These pics of Caitlyn are making me need a fan; such a goddess in human form,” a girl with the username garekitrash tweeted.

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