Georgia Teacher Arrested for Allowing Middle Schoolers to Have Sex in His Classroom


No, that headline isn’t a mistake.

Sex education is one thing but this… actually… happened.

A 25-year-old Atlanta-area math teacher named Quentin Wright has been arrested and charged with four misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor after it was alleged he was not only allowing his middle school-aged students to have sex in his classroom, but handing out condoms to the kids to boot.

Via AP:

An arrest warrant says Wright arranged times with students when the classroom would be empty and gave them condoms.

The investigation began after a mother said she found text messages between Wright and her son.

A DeKalb County Schools spokesman says they are cooperating with the District Attorney’s Office and Wright has been removed from the classroom.

It is unclear if he has a lawyer.

So now our education system has gone from teaching kindergarten students how to masturbate and 4th graders about abortion to… this?

Not really sure what else to say here. Our schools are so screwed up these days, just like every other morally bankrupt institution in this country. It seems no one’s innocence will be spared. Wish we could say this even surprises us, but as the nation gets more and more corrupt, this story will probably look tame by comparison to what we’ll bear witness to even just next year.

Does anyone ever look around and wonder how exactly it is that the general citizenry allowed things to get to this point?

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