Genderqueer? Trans Man? Trans Female? Gender Non-Conforming? University Of California Schools Adds New “Inclusive” Gender Options To Its Applications…


Big Sis leaving her mark on the UC system.

Via WaPo:

Starting next fall, students applying to any of the University of California’s 10 campuses will have the option of signaling their sexual

orientation and any of a number of gender identities before they even arrive on campus.

The option, part of a host of other accommodations in an effort to make the campuses as inclusive as possible, comes at a time of rapid change for gender identity politics, with high-profile symbols such as Caitlyn Jenner driving the conversation forward, elating some and distressing others.

While many colleges offer numerous opportunities for self-exploration on campus, it’s still unusual for a university to ask the question before students even arrive. […]

So students who hope to attend one of the undergraduate programs can opt to answer this:

How do you describe yourself? (Mark one answer)

·  Male

·  Female

·  Trans Male/Trans Man

·  Trans Female/Trans Woman

·   Genderqueer/Gender Non-Conforming

·  Different Identity


Do you consider yourself to be (mark one answer) :

·  Heterosexual or straight

·  Gay or lesbian

·  Bisexual

·  Not listed above (please specify)


What sex were you assigned at birth, such as on an original birth certificate? (Mark one answer)

·  Male

·  Female

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