Feds' Advice to NYPD: 'Don’t Be Racist…Sexist…Jerks'

122713 NYPD graduationPM

Fox News Insider:

Tuesday on "The Five," Greg Gutfeld criticized the "advice" that federal officials are about to start giving to NYPD officers.

He explained that the federal monitor overseeing police reforms within the NYPD will soon begin teaching officers concepts like, "Don't be racist, don't be sexist, don't be jerks."

Gutfeld said that this is just bureaucrats lecturing "a group of men and women who have saved more lives than airbags have - and I include Al Sharpton."

He pointed out that police officers risk their lives on a daily basis, but now they're being told to watch their language.

"And so we have marches for every color but blue," Gutfeld asserted. "The only time you see some appreciation is at a cop's funeral."

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