Extremely Strange Military Activity Across the USA... Shocking Eyewitness Account...

Extremely Strange Military Activity Across the USA... Shocking Eyewitness Account...

by Lyn Leahz, BIN

People are reporting strange military activity across the nation. If you don’t believe me, check out the comments below the feature video here on my channel!


Shocking Firsthand Account-Strange Military Activity Across the USA! Are We Preparing For War?

I received this message from a friend of mine on Facebook last night. Here is what he wrote:

“My wife called with this strange news.  We live about 6-8 miles from the Evansville airport in Indiana.  It is a small airport with not a lot of traffic.  We are used to seeing planes and such, but this is different.”  The rest of their account is in the video above…but he did add, ”…I contacted a news source of mine, and he said he is getting reports of the same thing all over the country.” To find out the rest of what he shared, please listen to the short video above…

So what’s up? Are we preparing for war with all the news about Russia flexing her muscles?  Are they bringing something in, taking something out?  Why are so many people seeing strange military aircraft activity all over the USA?

Here is what some of my commentators on my youtube channel below the video are saying:

I live by Lackland in San Antonio. There has been mega action. We watch them circle and fly sideways and alot off times 1 right after the other. We have noticed way more action than ever be for. We would like to assume they’re just training, but again this action is alot more than we have seen.

And another—

This is not a KC-135 Stratotanker (I was a crew chief on them, am a USAF vet, and have been working on aircraft since 1981, including overhaul on most of Boeing’s fleet types).   This is an E-6B Mercury airborne command post, aka “Looking Glass”, which is the name of the mission. The aircraft is a conversion of a 707 airliner, while the KC-135 is a separate aircraft type derived from the same prototype. It is used as a place for command staff to operate and run battlefield operations while free from the chance of ground attack and/or NBC conditions (nuclear/biological/chemical) on the ground.   The “Looking Glass” mission has been around since the early cold war, and until about 1990, there were Looking Glass aircraft airborne 24/7, a total of about 3 decades, to be ready to run the war if ground based command operations were impossible–if the “national command authority” (POTUS, VPOTUS, SPOTH, etc) had been eliminated in a nuclear strike, or communication lines were disabled. As such, there will be a general and his staff on board, conducting operations either simulated or actual. As for the activity, during the Cold War, we practiced pre- and post-nuclear operations regularly, and we had all of our aircraft operating worldwide all the time. The activity you see may indicate an increase in the strategic threat level (“defcon”, defense condition), preparations for an operation such as a deployment, or a war exercise, which are still regularly conducted. In the “old days”, we had an annual exercise known as “Global Shield”, in which the USAF would fight a simulated nuclear war. If you want to deter attack, you have to practice in a visible way so that the enemies of your country know you aren’t a pushover…

And, here is another comment from someone else:

I live in Columbus Ga, which is pretty much connected to Fort Benning, and I have noticed over the last month or two that the amount of helicopters flying overhead and tank artillery booms have definitely been on the rise and ramping up. not sure if it means anything significant, but these things don’t typically happen on this scale or for this long of a duration. hopefully I am just being over observational…..

Do you have any experiences or know anything about this? What do you think?

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