EXTREMELY GRAPHIC VIDEO: Obama Backed Terrorists Behead Innocent Man For Not Praying And Drinking (21+)


An extremely unsettling and stomach churning video is gaining quite a bit of popularity as it makes its rounds about the internet.  In it, depicts a masked terrorist describing an innocent man’s “crimes” before ordering and conducting his execution.

The video begins by showing a clearly frightened man kneeling amongst a mob of armed terrorists.  One of the leaders force the man to repeat the Shahada—the Muslim profession of faith that reads, “there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”—before beginning to read his crimes.

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A speaker is then heard announcing what the man is “guilty” of.  On the list of crimes punishable by death are supporting Assad, not praying enough and drinking too much.

Being that they are such a tight-knit organization and sticklers for precision they also add that he has done, “many other things,” as well.

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The terrorist then commands the group to withhold from discharging their weapons saying that a single bullet is not to be fired into the man’s body.  He then orders the man’s death.

The next part of the video is not for the weak of heart.  The executioner soon comes into the picture, machete in hand, and begins to carry out his orders.

Sawing the blade back and forth, the machete sinks further and further into the man’s neck as blood pours from the wound.  Viewers cringingly look on as the man’s final seconds of life expire in excruciating pain.

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These are the men Obama wanted to support.  These are the men Obama wanted to give millions of your mandated tax payer dollars to.  These are the animals that wish for every American’s painful death.

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