Dozens Of Students Protest Professor For Mentioning BLACK-ON-BLACK CRIME


Graduate students enrolled in University of California, Berkeley School of Social Welfare organized a teach-in on campus because they are angry that a white professor brought up black-on-black crime in discussions related to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The teach-in occurred on Tuesday at Haviland Hall, home to Cal’s School of Social Welfare, reports The Daily Californian, the campus newspaper.

Approximately 60 graduate students participated.

The professor on the receiving end of the teach-in is Steven Segal.

He is not that Steven Seagal. 

This Steven Segal spells his name differently and is a professor of mental health and social conflict in the School of Social Welfare.

Segal made his comments earlier this month during a Black Lives Matter group discussion and then the next day in a class on mental health and social policy class.

In the class, he read lyrics from a rap song. The lyrics of the unidentified song opine that activists in the Black Lives Matter movement need to stop blaming police for everything.

The 26 mainly first-year graduate students in the course were distressed and alarmed that Segal had read these particular lyrics.

“My first reaction was straight-up shock,” first-year grad student Emily Myer told The Daily Californian.

“That was followed by an acute awareness of rising anxiety and a desperate need for him to stop,” the enraged student added.

Myer is white. She counts herself among the organizers of the Black Lives Matter event that occurred the previous day, Feb. 9.

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