Double Take: Juan Williams Laud Obama – For Being The ‘Best President Ever’ To Our Troops

by Katie Lapotin, IJReview

President Barack Obama has the support of at least one commentator when it comes to his command of the U.S. military these days.

Fox News and The Hill commentator Juan Williams lauded the commander-in-chief on Friday’s episode of the cable network’s “The Five,” much to the surprise of the panel’s four other hosts.

“I think he does, are you kidding?” Williams said. “When it comes to our military, I don’t think there’s any president who’s expressed himself better than President Obama in terms of support of our military.”

Williams was responding to a statement by fill-in host and actress Stacey Dash, who claimed that Obama had failed to unite the country during his six years in office. Upon hearing his comments, she quickly replied, “Are you kidding?” and “You couldn’t be more wrong” while whipping her head in disbelief.

Fill-in commentator Jesse Watters and Kimberly Guilfoyle’s comments also echoed Dash’s in tone. It was ultimately up to funny man Greg Gutfeld to bring some decorum back to the table, comparing Obama to a high school gym teacher “with athletes he favors.”

(Sadly, the show’s resident liberal Bob Beckel had the day off, as his reaction would have likely been priceless.)

Williams may applaud Obama’s support for the armed forces, but the love isn’t mutual. A poll commissioned by The Military Times last summer found that just 15 percent of active duty troops approve of their commander-in-chief – a record low for his tenure.

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