Does Rand Paul’s Belief in Conspiracies Disqualify Him for President?


Rand Paul is a crazy conspiracy theorist and is therefore too gullible to be taken seriously as a presidential contender.

This is the thesis of a rambling, historically ignorant articlepublished by the Daily Beast. In the piece, Sam Kleiner contends that Senator Paul’s alleged anti-vaccine comments are part and parcel of his “broader conspiratorial worldview.”

Anyone who questions the Establishment’s program of poking every kid and revoking parental prerogative is labeled as a kook and someone who probably watches YouTube videos of alien autopsies conducted at Roswell.

Kleiner explains:

“Almost by definition, conspiracy theories are irrefutable; rejections by scientific authorities just become part of the conspiracy,” notes science journalist Chris Mooney, and “analyses of anti-vaccine views, undertaken by analyzing their expression on the web or on YouTube in particular, have found them to be highly conspiratorial in nature.”

Regardless of Paul’s right to express uncertainty about the innocuousness of inoculations, the Daily Beast’s real beef with the constitutional-minded senator is his relationship to libertarian icon Ron Paul. Kleiner continues,

Rand Paul’s embrace of vaccination skepticism is a reminder, just when he’s trying to enter the presidential race, of his tawdry background growing up with and propagating an array of conspiracy theories.

Though he avoids talking about it now, Paul has repeatedly railed against the Bilderberg Group’s quest for world government, a conspiracy to create a North American Union that would replace the dollar with the Amero currency, and a United Nations effort to take away Americans’ guns. Today he is trying, as the New York Times framed it, to move away from his father’s shadow and towards the political center. Paul may not talk about these conspiracies today, but his vaccine comments remind us just how central conspiracy theories are to his worldview.

Another brick in the Daily Beast’s wall of proof surrounding Paul’s wing nut worldview is his apparent belief in conspiracies in high places.

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