Democrat Chairman Who Fought For Child Rights Accused Of Molesting Girls, Tries to Have Them Killed

by Daniel Greenfield, FRONTPAGE MAG

Democrats are all about the children. So was Michael Gardner.

The former Falls Church Democratic Party chairman courageously fought for the children.

Falls Church is developing a thick veneer of anti-progressivism…  The city has allowed itself to pivot on a financial matrix which allows kids in our local school system to be sterilely characterized as expensive cost units to be systemically avoided. Our local government is openly ridiculed and threatened by so-called experts who second guess every decision and who glory in bullying public servants by making loose accusations of illegality, unprofessionalism, and public denouncements of poor job performance. Community leaders who strive to help build a sense of community and volunteerism are attacked and personally denigrated as “special interest groups,” “insolvent” and much worse.

Then he he molested the children.

They told a judge their friend’s father, 47-year-old Michael Gardner, molested them during a sleepover.

The girls, ages 9 and 10, delivered detailed and damning testimony, reports ABC7’s Stephen Tschida.

One clutching a stuffed animal, the girls said Gardner came into the basement of his home late at night during his daughter’s slumber party on June 18. They said he slid his hand under their clothing. One said he touched her four different times during the night.

Then he got the Virginia Supreme Court to overturn the verdict…

In May 2012, an Arlington County Circuit Court jury convicted Michael Gardner of molesting two girls who attended a sleepover party for his daughter’s 10th birthday. The jury was unable to reach a verdict on a charge that Gardner molested another child the previous night.

The court reversed the conviction by a 6-1 margin Thursday morning, according to the Falls Church News-Press.

Gardner’s lawyer argued in April that separate trials should have been held for the first incident and the sleepover incidents. A lawyer for the state disagreed.

Gardner had been chairman of the city’s Democratic committee and his wife is a former mayor.

Then he went after yet another little girl

A Virginia man accused of molesting two young girls in 2011 was arrested again for aggravated sexual battery of a child.

Michael Gardner, whose conviction for allegedly molesting two girls at a sleepover was overturned two months ago, is now accused of assaulting a family member who was under 13 at the time of the assault, officials said.

The two 2009 incidents happened two years before Gardner would be accused of molesting three girls, ages 9 and 10 in 2011. But this latest allegation only came to light after the Virginia Supreme Court overturned that prior sex assault conviction because a character witness was not allowed to testify that Gardner was a good caretaker of children.

Gardner’s most recent victim sought assistance from a professional who was obligated to report the abuse.

During his first trial, the prosecution presented concentrated DNA evidence that pointed to Gardner. It was found on the inside crotch of one of the girl’s panties. Similar DNA evidence found on the other child’s pajama bottoms was also presented.

So he cut to the chase and tried to have them killed.

A former Falls Church Democratic Party chairman, charged with molesting two young girls, talked about hiring a hit man to kill them before they could be witnesses at his March 4 trial, according to court documents.

In a letter, received by authorities last month, the inmate told Gardner that he knew someone who could “help with . . . the ‘3 problems’ you have pre-trial,”

In a motion filed Thursday, which was provided to The Washington Post, Loudoun Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Alejandra Rueda, who is prosecuting the case with Wittmann, quoted a letter from the inmate to Gardner.

“I want you to know I haven’t forgotten what we’ve discussed. The friend you asked me to contact to see if he could help with the ‘3 problems’ you have pre-trial will be passing through VA on a FL to NY ‘run,’ ” the letter said, according to the motion. Referring to the alleged hit man, the letter continues: “Get back to me right away because I don’t [want] his visiting you to interfere with Robin and the kids [sic] anticipated visit.”

Robin Gardner, Gardner’s wife, is a former mayor of Falls Church.

This guy really makes Joe Biden look like an amateur.

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