CNN Host Thinks Captivity Is ‘Punishment Enough’ For Deserter Bowe Bergdahl



Brooke Baldwin led a panel on CNN Newsroom to discuss the impending disciplinary decision for convicted deserter Bowe Bergdahl. Baldwin questioned whether or not Bergdahl “suffered enough” during his five years of captivity and asked the panel, “Is that not punishment enough?”

Retired Lt. Col. Scott Mann of the U.S. Army Special Forces struck down her question with a simple “no,” arguing that the crime “holds with it it’s own penalty,” and it will “play out the way it’s supposed to.”

Josh Korder, an Army man who served with Bergdahl, spoke to NBC News via Skype and suggested that Bergdahl is “lucky that they’re not talking about firing squad and death penalty.”

Western Journalism recently reported that a security expert claimed President Obama knew of Bergdahl’s desertion prior to the highly controversial “Taliban Five” swap that released five high members of the Taliban without the authorization of Congress, only adding fuel to the fire.

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