Body of 1 year old albino boy found in Tanzania with limbs hacked off in witchcraft killing


A 1 year old albino boy in Tanzania who has been missing since Sunday has been found dead in the northern part of the country with all his limbs hacked off in what is likely a witchcraft killing.

Yohana Bahati, aged one, was snatched from the house of his mother, who was killed with a machete. His body was found a few miles away. Two people have been arrested in connection with the killing.

At least 74 albino children have been killed this century in Tanzania, where some witchdoctors use albino body parts to make their charms. Last month the Tanzanian government placed a ban on all witchdoctors in the country. The ban is part of a nationwide operation to clamp down on attacks on people living with albinism.

The UN has condemned the attack and warned that 2015 could be a "dangerous year" for albinos. It fears that the forthcoming general and presidential elections will cause some candidates to turn to influential witchdoctors for help. Witchdoctors are prepared to pay $75,000 for a complete set of albino body parts according to the Red Cross.

Another albino child remains missing after being kidnapped in December. Tanzanian police have offered a reward for information leading to the recovery of Pendo Emmanuelle Nundi, aged four. Police have arrested 15 over her disappearance, including her father.

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