Birds Drop Dead By The Dozens, Falling From The Sky In Tennessee -- Their Bodies Split In 2 Before Impact (Video)

FOX 17 News

SPRING HILL, Tenn. -- Dozens of birds drop dead out of the sky in Maury County at the same time.

A local pizza delivery driver says he has something to do with the fifty or so birds that turned up dead off North Field Lane Saturday. Russell Thomas contacted FOX17 after our story first aired. Thomas says the birds were flying low and swooped in and bombed his brand new white KIA. He said there is minor damage to his car. Police turned the case over to the TWRA.

Police and wildlife officials are on scene are working to get answers as to how and why this happened. They are monitoring the area, bagging birds and taking samples for testing.

One witness says the birds were split open from the fall.

Officials on scene say they have never seen anything like this.

It is unknown what type of birds these are, but they all seem to be the same kind.  

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VIDEO: Submitted to FOX 17 News by Rachel Irby

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