(Ancient Origins) Excavations at a medieval port and fortress in Bulgaria have led archaeologists to discover several artifacts of significance. A lead vessel containing ashes from the alleged grave of John the Apostle has been found, as well as a 10th century Bulgarian royal seal.

Archaeology in Bulgaria reports the artifacts were recovered during excavations of the ancient fortress of Rusocastro, and the port of Burgos (Poros), located in what is today Burgas, Bulgaria.

The curved lead tube or vessel containing ashes was discovered in a reliquary attributed to Saint John (St. John the Theologian), one of the Twelve Apostles to Jesus in Christian belief. It was found within a reliquary in an early Christian basilica, dating to the sixth century A.D. The vessel itself is very small, measuring only 2.2 centimeters (less than an inch) long. The outside of the artifact is decorated with many equal-armed crosses, and one of the two handles is missing.

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