'American Sniper' Murder Trial: Watch Chris Kyle's Killer Surrender to Cops in Dash Cam Video

FOX NEWS INSIDER - Fox News is bringing you the very latest from the ongoing murder trial of Eddie Ray Routh, who is pleading insanity in the deaths of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield.

The case comes down to whether the Marine veteran, who suffered from PTSD and psychosis, knew right from wrong when he fatally shot the men at a Texas gun range two years ago.

At the trial yesterday, we learned that Kyle and Littlefield's weapons were holstered with the "safeties" on when Routh opened fire. Both were carrying loaded 1911 .45ACP semiautomatic handguns.

The testimony suggests that the men had no time to defend themselves and were caught totally off guard by Routh. Kyle and Littlefield had brought Routh to the range, trying to help him with his PTSD.

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A dash cam video of Routh's surrender to police was also introduced at the trial. Routh had sped away from police in Kyle's truck, reaching 100 mph at one point.

After Routh had stopped at Taco Bell for some burritos and went home, he encountered police and they tried to talk him out of the truck.

A police officer testified that Routh said "he had taken a few souls and he had more souls to take"

When Routh sped off, officers at one point rammed the truck. Routh eventually got out of the truck with his hands up on the interstate and laid on the ground.

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