300 Million Yr Old SCREW? - Yes, We've Been Here Before

300 Million Yr Old SCREW? - Yes, We've Been Here Before

An object that appears to be a screw fixed inside a rock has captured the world's attention since it was found in the 1990s, but the debate rages on about what it really is.

Russian researchers believe the unusual object is 300 million years old, leading some people to claim that it may be proof of a highly advanced lost human civilisation, or even the work of aliens.

However, experts suggest that there may be a more earthly answer – that the ‘screw’ is in fact a fossilised sea creature.

The researchers stumbled across the ‘screw’ after searching the Kaluga region after an asteroid strike occurred there, Ancient Code reported. 

The ‘screw’ measures an inch (2cm) long and was collected by a UFO and paranormal research team called the Kosmopoisk Group.

They claim that the stone is between 300 and 320 million years old and after X-raying it, believe there is another hidden ‘screw’ inside the stone. 

But more conventional scientists have not got a look at the object, so have had to base their speculation on grainy pictures posted online.

The Kosmopoisk Group has not said what the screw is made of, or given any detailed information about it.

The self-styled group, which is also known as Spacesearch and the Russian Scientific Organisation, conducts expeditions to sites that are believed to have extraterrestrial activity or unusual creatures - and has a mixed reputation. 

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