Dear Readers,

For 8 years RedFlag News has been the voice of independent conservative news and media, providing our readers with conservative news stories and opinion not covered by the mainstream media. We are a small, independently owned company who’s not beholden to any media conglomerate or political party, and have dedicated ourselves to bringing true but suppressed conservative news to the masses. We have provided a platform for independent news sources to reach a larger audience than they were capable of reaching on their own, and in doing so, have helped many independent and alternative sites reach "mainstream" status. These sites that you have come to love and know well have seen their readership reach unheard of levels thanks in part to our efforts in getting their stories out both online and through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The nature of our business requires us to rely on ad revenue provided by Google Adsense and the social media giant Facebook to get our stories out. These two companies are less than friendly to conservative opinion, to say the least, but dominate the internet with their control over internet search results and social media posts. They are allowed to freely espouse fake left-wing talking points, unchecked, and use their power and influence to ensure any dissenting opinion or news is silenced.

The 2016 McCarthyesque "fake news" smear against anything not considered mainstream put RedFlag News at the mercy of these two left-wing media giants. Google pulled our Adsense and Facebook started limiting the reach of our posts, from reaching tens of thousands of people per post to only a few hundred people, if we were lucky.

The censorship of conservative based sites in Google search results and the demonetization of conservative websites and YouTube channels is no secret, and has been covered by many "mainstream" news sources. Unfortunately, that doesn't change the fact that they have hurt our mission, in a very big way. Given the importance of the 2016 election, RedFlag News drudged ahead, doing our best with the help of other independent news sites, to get the truth out about both candidates and bringing to light the shenanigans of the left.

It saddens us to admit that we can no longer operate at a loss. Without Google's ad revenue and Facebooks social reach, we can no longer continue with our mission of battling the real fake news put out by the mainstream media. Many other independent news sites and commentators have been forced to move to subscription based models or crowdfunding sites like Patreon to stay afloat. This is something we have considered but ultimately decided against. Information is power, and we don't want our readers to have to pay for that power.

It saddens us to announce that after 9 years of being a pioneer and leader in alternative news aggregation, closed its doors on December 31, 2017.

To our amazing community, thank you for your generous support and daily visits over the years. It was a good run with you by our side.

Sincerely yours,

JR Elliott