Now is not the time to cower. Now is the time to act.

The American people won the 2016 election DESPITE the liberal media’s attempts to secure their leftist agenda and hasten our descent into a socialist abyss. But the RedFlag team cannot take a rest for one moment...

Unfortunately, America's newsrooms are full of lies, bias, and even censorship. To combat the indecency of media that have become the “cheerleaders of the liberal movement,” RedFlag was born in 2009 to serve as an alternative news source for individuals, news organizations, and broadcasters.

RedFlag takes you where no mainstream media outlet dares to go. Join as a contributing member today to ensure that stays your trusted source for alternative, honest, and balanced news aggregation.

The war is on, and it’s serious.

Due to the massive onslaught of censorship by Facebook and Google and the outrageous "Fake News" attacks by Mainstream Media, here is what we are working on now to reach our readers:

  1. Website: an independent, robust commenting forum SEPARATE from Facebook and Disqus; and what we all like: Fewer ads.
  2. App: 100% ad-free, a much better user-experience for news-junkies with customized PUSH notifications (March/April 2017 launch date).
  3. Newsletter: a cleaner, more intuitive experience you can enjoy and share.

The liberal media are everywhere! Support to combat the liberal media agenda with an alternative news source. We rely on donations from patriots like you to help us report the news the liberal media distort, slant, or censor.

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