Unfortunately, America's newsrooms are full of lies, bias, and even censorship. To combat the indecency of media that have become the “cheerleaders of the liberal movement,” RedFlag was born in 2009 to serve as an alternative news source for individuals, news organizations, and broadcasters.

In 2008, RedFlag began as a simple Facebook wall to friends. A year later, the first generation iWeb website came along not following the trend. It was not left-wing. It was not right-wing, but it was clearly different. Besides the Drudge Report, there was arguably nothing else like it.  

RedFlag grew slowly, steadily. His audience was hungry for more.

In eight years, J.R. Elliott—mainly through the use of linking and headlines—has created an unmistakable voice. His is a voice that cuts through the unrelenting waves of information crashing on us at all times. For his readers, the man behind RedFlag has perfected his knack of finding good stories and sources, and is regarded as a trailblazer in recognizing original, compelling stories unlikely to be identified by algorithms and what the Mainstream Media is not reporting.

Today, millions of loyal fans follow J.R. Elliott's curated newsfeed on Facebook, Disqus, Twitter, RedFlagNews.com, and RFN app. Coming this summer, RedFlag will enhance its news aggregation service with the highly-anticipated RedFlag 3.0 native mobile app, an experience that will revolutionize how people receive and share the news they care about. And if that's not enough, Elliott will be launching an independent, robust commenting platform separate from Facebook for RedFlag readers to share and comment without the fear of being censored or their privacy breached.

So, who is J.R. Elliott?

Love him or hate him, he certainly hasn't cornered the market on everything to do with news—nor does he wish to—but he’s shown the world what one person with a laptop and an old-school work ethic can do.

After almost a decade as an airborne infantryman in the Army, Elliott worked various entry-level jobs while attending college and supporting his young family. He didn't come up through the ranks as a journalist, and he is not a J-school graduate. Rather, after years working his way up the ladder in the cut-throat design industry, today his career spans website and brand marketing, design, and strategy consulting.

Asked why he did not pursue a career as a professional journalist, he was quick to respond. After attending several White House Correspondent's Dinners during the Clinton years while serving in the 3rd US Infantry (The Old Guard), it became very evident from an outsider's perspective to stay clear of the 'twisted limelight and political juggernaut' that traps those who choose mainstream journalism for a living.

J.R. Elliott's eccentricity starts with his lifestyle in a small northern Utah ski town.

He doesn’t do interviews. You’ll rarely see him walking the streets. He doesn’t return emails.

He’s utterly unavailable.

Inspired by industry standard-bearers such as Matt Drudge, Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, Dr. Michael Savage, and the late Andrew Breitbart and Jerry Doyle, J.R. Elliott continues to work relentlessly to be a defender of the alternative media and build a home for those looking to expand their news experience outside the liberal mainstream media.


Article by Tyler Jorgensen

Article by Tyler Jorgensen