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Ranked in the Top 25 Conservative Websites for 2013 by Alexa Rank, Top 100 Political Websites (US. and World) and 548 for Worldwide Standing & Influence in the Blogosphere by Technorati, RedFlag News maintains a news aggregation service that spotlights carefully selected news and commentary on a real-time basis.

In 2009, after being unable to find a website that would simply "red flag" news and opinion as a warning of corrupt politics or a problem with news media bias, J.R. Elliott began work on the website that is now RedFlag News — contributing thousands of unpaid hours away from his own family and career to bring the news to the website's loyal readers. With his knack of finding good stories and sources (financed by the spare change found in the couches of his home), RedFlag News has blossomed into a product that powers hundreds of thousands of independent thinkers’ news addiction and currently serves more than three million of hits per month.

Defined by J.R. Elliott's insistence on a news aggregation website that provides an unparalleled user experience from a robust core, every pixel of RedFlagNews.com is engineered with the mindset that the interface will be timeless, creative, and delightful. That mindset, along with his execution, has allowed RedFlagNews.com to grow organically with minimal advertising and prove to be a wise choice for those looking to expand their news experience outside the liberal mainstream media.