Opinion: "Mitt Romney Is Systematically Dismantling President Obama" by Jonathan Wakefield, RedFlag Reader



Count me among those who were extremely skeptical of a Mitt Romney presidential candidacy during the circus that was the Republicans’ nomination process. I thought he was squishy, devoid of a coherent message, and parsed every word too carefully to sound convincing. Despite the President’s terrible poll numbers—and even worse policies—I thought Romney would struggle to sell himself as a viable alternative.

My Romney-supporting friends told me I was wrong. I told them they were wrong.

Well, after watching Candidate Romney operate over the past month or so, I now say this: They were right. I was wrong. Completely.

Consider me a convert.

Not to Romney’s policies, mind you. While I desperately hope he’ll slash the size and influence of government, resetting America to her constitutional foundation so she can thrive again, I’d be lying if I said I was confident in his commitment to that.

But that’s another article for another time. In this one, I’m focusing solely on his electability and my surprising turnaround, that I now believe he not only can and will win the presidency this November, but that he will do so convincingly.

Here are only several of the many reasons:

The economy.

This is, of course, the central issue of the election (even after the recent ObamaCare ruling), and Obama’s total bungling of it hands Romney a massive advantage—one Obama can’t erase, no matter how many times he calls rich people evil and points at George W. Bush, shouting, “He did it!” Fourth grade antics will not carry the day in a presidential election of this magnitude. The American people know Obama fired his best Marxist shot at fixing our economy and ended up making it worse—far worse.

Meanwhile, Romney has finally hit his stride on this issue, no longer parsing his words as he shoots arrow after arrow into the heart of Obama’s economic record, successfully making 2012 a referendum election. And when the debates arrive, all Romney has to say is, “President Obama, in four years you’ve given us over $5 trillion in debt, an unemployment rate above 8%, a stimulus package that bombed, a health care takeover bill that no one wanted and is raising costs, abysmal economic growth, skyrocketing food and gas prices, an unstable business environment, increased regulations, lower wages and overall wealth, record poverty, and an environment where young people and African-Americans can’t find work. Why should we reelect you?”

Seriously. What’s Obama going to say?

The same thing he’s been saying for the past four years, of course: nothing.

We’re all community organizers now.

(This one has little to do with Romney, but it benefits him nonetheless.)

The professional left has been effectively organizing to influence and win elections for decades, accounting for the disproportionate percentage of offices they hold compared to the low percentage of self-identified liberals in America. Small-government advocates woke up to this a few years ago, though, and we finally scrambled to start organizing ourselves.

Ironically, it turns out that we’re actually far better at it than the left. Look no further than Wisconsin. The professional left exhausted every resource and ounce of credibility they had spent years accumulating at ousting Governor Walker, yet the newly united small-government crowd of ordinary citizens not only helped him retain his seat, but win by an even larger margin than in the original election. In a (formerly) blue state, no less. Amazing.

And we’re just getting started. While many of us view a Romney presidency with varying degrees of skepticism and hope, we know the America we love is doomed if Obama wins another term, so the same types of people who engineered a political earthquake in Wisconsin are already working tirelessly across the nation toward defeating President Obama in November. There is an avalanche of activism from our side that has never occurred before in America, whether it’s knocking on doors, educating the public about Obama’s record, conducting voter registration drives, purging voter rolls of ineligible voters (despite Eric Holder’s best attempts at stopping us), working the polls, getting out the vote, etc. And the recent ObamaCare Supreme Court ruling has even further amplified our intensity now that our only chance at repealing that corrupt and coercive legislation is through Congress and the President.

Also, remember that 2010 was the first election cycle after the ACORN scandal broke, decimating that taxpayer-funded organization’s ability to help swing (or steal) elections. The result? One of the biggest overall conservative landslides in history. And our side has only grown far stronger in the subsequent two years.

Furthermore, we continue to advance a principled campaign of exposing the left’s underhanded tactics for influencing elections—often at taxpayer expense—and chip away at their effectiveness. They simply can’t compete with our numbers, passion, and commitment to electoral integrity.

Their days of political domination are over.


Obama was supposed to be the billion-dollar super-fundraising machine that would crush any opposition in 2012. Why would Republicans even bother to run someone against this Man of Steel?

Well, because, like everything else Obama, that was a fantasy too. Instead, big and small donors have abandoned him in large numbers this time around. Meanwhile, Romney’s setting his own fundraising records and spending so much on commercials, putting Obama on the defensive, that the Obama campaign is now spending more money than it raises. (How fitting, right?) He apparently can’t keep pace with a well-funded and aggressive Romney campaign.

Is that a spine I see?

Republicans are notorious for not fighting. They seem to fear confrontation, exasperating their supporters by rarely attacking their opponents’ awful records or making any real attempt at winning (easy) arguments or offices.

Romney isn’t playing like that, though. If fact, he has not only aggressively and competently attacked Obama’s weaknesses, he’s running circles around the president. Romney has masterfully controlled the message, focusing largely on the dismal economy (he’ll make ObamaCare a defining issue as well now), despite Obama’s best efforts to distract with a fictional “War on Women” and scandals involving dogs and haircuts. Romney’s people are even popping up as hecklers at Obama campaign events. They chant “Solyndra” to a flustered David Axelrod, while Romney makes a surprise appearance at the empty Solyndra headquarters to deliver another blistering attack on Obama’s policies. Obama’s people have never had someone stand up to them so strongly and are clearly rattled and at a loss for how to respond.

Which further energizes Romney’s existing supporters and helps attract even more.

In short, we are witnessing the challenger systematically dismantle the incumbent president in 2012.

It’s still early, of course, and anything can happen between now and November 6th, forcing me to choke on this aggressive prediction. But barring any monumental shift in the current trajectory, I simply don’t see how President Obama comes anywhere close to retaining the office of the presidency for another term.

--Jonathan Wakefield

Jonathan Wakefield is a leader of the Richmond Tea Party in Virginia and the author of Saving America: A Christian Perspective of the Tea Party Movement and the inspirational thriller Fatal Reality (both available in paperback on Amazon.com).

Websites: www.teapartyforchristians.com, www.jonathanwakefield.com

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