(Video) Libtalkers Attack Rush Limbaugh: ‘Some People Deserve To Be Shot In The Face’...


KARL FRISCH (17 Jan 2013): When people like Rush Limbaugh show absolutely no compassion for the lives that were lost it only inflames the crazy conspiracy people that think this never happened.

STEPHANIE MILLER: Yeah he didn’t like the tone was not quite you know ah I guess jovial enough at a news conference about children getting shot.

JIM WARD: I guess it’d be wrong for me to say that some people deserve to be shot in the face.  So I won’t say that.

STEPHANIE MILLER: Don’t say that. For Gods sakes.

CHRIS LAVOIE: Don’t say that.


STEPHANIE MILLER (15:12) Oh dear that went Directly to NewsBusters. Okay I apologize for everything Jim Ward just said.

JIM WARD: Everything, really?

STEPHANIE MILLER: No, not that one part.


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