REPORT: Russia Shoots Down Two U.S. Drones Over Crimea...

(by Rick Wells, GOP Daily Dose) -- The Iranian semi-national news agency, FARS, is reporting that an unmanned U.S. drone was discovered violating Crimean airspace and subsequently shot down. It is believed to have been a reconnaissance aircraft engaged in surveillance of Crimean troops positions over the Turetsky Val block-post.

A second, heavier twine-engine drone was also allegedly shot down, falling outside of the block-post’s area.

No date or other information was provided.

While no official verification has come from U.S., Russian or other sources within the area, the last time that the Iranians announced the downing of a drone their assertions were correct.

While that incident related to Iran directly, this report, involving the Crimean news agency as well, cannot be discounted.



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