Obama’s “Pastor-In-Chief”: Obama Is A Man Of “Deep And Abiding Faith Who Values His Walk With Christ”...


President Barack Obama has certainly encountered his fair share of spats and debate with the more conservative cohort of America’s faith community. But despite these clashes, the leader of the free world says he’s a practicing Christian who believes that faith is immensely important in his daily life.

He reportedly reads scripture each morning, reflecting upon it and applying Biblical teachings to his personal and professional actions. Consider Obama’s friend and former employee Joshua DuBois and his daily communications with the president.

A so-called “pastor-in-chief,” DuBois headed the White House Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnership and has consulted the president on matters of faith since his days in the Illinois Senate.

The adviser spoke with CBN News last week, explaining Obama’s daily devotions and the intricate nature of the president’s Christian faith — one that has come under a fair bit of scrutiny during his time in the White House. Despite recently leaving his administration position, DuBois still sends daily inspiration to Obama. Continue reading via The Blaze...


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