CURRENT RANK: 13 -- We Need Your Help Now to Get to #1

Today, the official RedFlag app is ranked number 13 in the Top Paid News Apps in the Apple iTunes Store. To position ourselves against the bias Mainstream Media heavyweights, we need your help to get to number 1!

Download Today

Download Today

The RedFlag app emphasizes  grassroots engagement, real-time breaking news updates, and a minimalist user experience, rather than focusing on gimmicks, ads and clutter.

"This app isn’t about being flashy -- it’s about giving you the tools you need to be intelligent and connected with the news of the day," says J.R. Elliott, RedFlag Creator and Editor.

Elliott added that the app will make it easy to "find important 'red flagged' and breaking news, communicate with likeminded politicos and news junkies, and access all the information you need to spread the word."

Current Features:

  • Earn points toward gaining special privileges on the site and, of course, sweet rewards.
  • App-only exclusive content.
  • Real-time breaking news feed.
  • Full integration with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube and iTunes.
  • Advanced Push notifications for breaking news.
  • Access the community from anywhere: mobile, desktop and tablet.

Download this revolutionary app for your Android or Apple device today! Thank you for your support. Here's the link:



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