Poll: Doubt in Economy Rises 27 Points Since Obama Reelected...



Half the country now believes the economy will be worse off in one year, a 27-point increase since President Barack Obama’s reelection, according to Rasmussen Reports.

In a poll released last week, Rasmussen found that 50 percent of American adults think the U.S.  economy will be weaker in a year’s time.  In October, only 23 percent felt the same way.

“The increase in pessimism comes from Republicans and those not affiliated with either major political party,” Rasmussen said.  “Just before President Obama was reelected, Republicans were evenly divided as to whether the economy would be better or worse a year from now. Today, only 11 percent of Republicans believe the economy will be stronger in a year.  An overwhelming 74 percent in the GOP believe it will be worse.”

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