Obama Suggests Sequester Wasn’t Designed to Happen...


By Keith Koffler

In a startling claim, President Obama today said the sequester he agreed to was never designed to happen.

“The whole design of these arbitrary cuts was to make them so unattractive and unappealing that Democrats and Republicans would actually get together and find a good compromise of sensible cuts as well as closing tax loopholes and so forth,” he said. “And so this was all designed to say we can’t do these bad cuts; let’s do something smarter. That was the whole point of this so-called sequestration.”

The claim is part of a White House speech in which the president sought to wash his hands of the potential effects of the sequester, repeatedly intoning that “Congress” must act and not “allow” the draconian cuts to take place.

And yet, no deal to avoid the cuts will happen without Obama’s agreement.

The president, who still suggests the current state of the economy is George W. Bush’s fault, in his remarks today insisted on tax increases he knows Congressional Republicans oppose as part of a deal to avert the sequester... Read more via White House Dossier...

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