NBC News on Rice: 'Witch Hunt For Every Prominent Person of Color'... (Video)

On the heels of Ambassador Susan Rice‘s meeting with the John McCain posse this morning, MSNBC’s Now with Alex Wagner opened Tuesday’s show by assessing the Arizona Senator’s vendetta against President Obama‘s likely pick to succeed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. To hear Sens. John McCain (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) tell it, things didn’t go well, but MSNBC’s Richard Wolffe reiterated that what’s going on here is really part of “a witch hunt for every prominent person of color that has ever served alongside this president,” and that Ambassador Rice is “a proxy for this president.”

The Three Rice-Burners shockingly came out of their meeting with Ambassador Rice and acting CIA Director Michael Morell even more determined to torpedo Amb. Rice’s possible nomination as secretary of State. Ironically, they offered self-assessments that were tough to argue with; Sen. McCain said he was “significantly troubled,” while Sens. Graham and Ayotte were alternately “more disturbed” and “more troubled” than they already were, as if that’s possible. You definitely have to be significantly troubled and disturbed to think that Amb. Rice has done anything to deserve this treatment by the McCain Gang.

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