A Missing Plane & Missing Nukes – Is There a Connection?

(by Susan Duclos) -- This is just a reminder that we have a missing plane, the Malaysian Flight 370, that new reports show stayed in the air long after their last communications and a Malaysian official stating the plane “could have landed in Kyrgyzstan or China.”

It is believed the plane was hijacked while searches for the missing plane and it’s passengers has turned up nothing. It has also been reported that the plane was diverted and “investigators are actively pursuing the notion that the plane was diverted “with the intention of using it later for another purpose.”

Now, the reminder…. we also have missing nuclear warheads, reported back in late 2013. It was thought at the time, by many, that the nuclear warheads that were secretly transferred with no paper trail, which is highly unusual, were to be used for a false flag event.

They weren’t after the leak, because then it was headlined news.

So, just as something to keep in the back of your minds, if a “terrorist” attack happens in any of the hotspots in the news these days, Syria, Iran, Ukraine, Russia, China or even in the US, and that terrorist attack happens to use a plane and nukes…… well, it would be nice if those missing nukes of ours were not forgotten.


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